Penulis: Harshita Aini Haroon

Halaman: 56

ISBN 978-967-2829-45-4

Higher Education (HE) institutions’ presence on the internet is profound but universities would be foolish into thinking that mere website visibility is sufficient to make their mark and to appeal to Zoomers. Judicious in their browsing, the Zoomers’ preferences, characteristics and background need to be considered if universities are keen to get them on board. But are they? This lecture unpacks the ways in which both the public and private universities use language to represent themselves in their official websites. While the study shows that, the private universities websites’ behaviour, by and large, is more discerning and sensitive towards the needs and wants of Zoomers, the study also highlights an important question of website content development and the priority that should be accorded to it, postulating the idea that writing a webpage content needs to be taken seriously, as a university’s webpage is now the university.