Introductory Biochemistry for Engineering and Technology

Zarina Zakaria & Harbant Singh

ISBN 978-967-5415-94-4

244 halaman

RM 64.00

8 inch x 10 inch

The textbook ‘Introductory Biochemistry for Engineering and Technology’ introduces to the students the basic concepts of chemistry viewed from the prospective of biology. It focuses on the engineering and technical point of view since this science has a broad spectrum coverage stretching across medical, industrial, agricultural, and other disciplines of science. The salient features in the text includes cell evolution, water as a universal solvent, bio molecules consisting of carbohydrates, lipids, amino acids and proteins, nucleic acids, generic information as well as different metabolic pathways involved in daily life. This book is considered simple yet able to provide theoretical and applied knowledge in biochemistry and students will find the book as user friendly.

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