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Siti Fatimah Siraj, Siti Zawiyah Md. Dawal & Norzifah Md. Ali

ISBN 978-967-5415-39-5

70 halaman


6 inch x 9 inch

Survival Guide for Engineering Students offers clear and practical guide and tips on how to survive and succeed in an engineering degree course. It is meant to prepare engineering students physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually to pursue this career path. The job scope and the often lucrative job prospects are also highlighted as a driving force for those still uncertain of choosing this field. The subsequent chapters help the students to identify problems and how to overcome and solve them, to dispel negative attitudes towards laboratory work, to promote skills for deep learning and to ask the right questions to get the most of their lectures. The book is therefore more than a survival kit but serves as well as a motivational and inspirational source for successful future engineers.