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Mohd. Hishamuddin Che Mat, Mahmad Nor Jaafar & Ahmad Azudin Nordin

ISBN 978-967-5415-51-7

90 halaman

RM 120.00

9 inch x 9 inch


This book is an introduction to a collection of plants that would normally be found in a traditional tropical home garden. It is not exhaustive but it is our small contribution to the bio-informatics of the richness of the local biodiversity. The ultimate functional objective of a traditional home garden is the provision of food beyond the fourth dimension. We call it the green kitchen cabinet and the life medicine chest. These various types of plants and their unique ingredients derived from their parts are traditionally used for food preparation be it as regular meals or for specific concoction for wellness purpose or curing of illnesses. The wonders of these functional ingredients in these plants, or the bioactive compounds in terms of flavonoids, phenolics, antioxidants, anthocyanin, and the various secondary metabolites are currently being substantiated with scientific evidence.