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Rosni Bakar

ISBN 978-967-5415-70-8

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RM 18.00

5.8 inch x 8.3 inch(A5)

Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are regarded as the driving force behind economic growth and played a crucial role in stabilizing the Malaysian economy during times of economic shocks. Realising their importance, the Sarawak Government has been playing a pivotal role in propelling the SMEs towards making significant contributions to the State’s economic growth. The Sarawak State Government has continuously encouraged public and private sectors to nurture and support the growth of SME entrepreneurs.  It also aspires to bring about a revival in Sarawak towards being a competitive economy that has a world-class standard. Thus, this study is undertaken to specifically find out the issues and challenges faced by the local Bumiputera entrepreneurs specifically, those in the food and beverage sector in Sarawak. Based on intensive field studies and personal interviews with various stakeholders, this report highlights some of those issues and challenges.