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Integrated Electronics Designs and Systems  

ISBN 978-967-5415-62-3
138 halaman
RM 35.00
6 inch X 9 inch

The electronics industry has undergone a fundamental transformation during the last decade. This transformation has changed the conventional, independent electronics to an integrated approach and it was brought by development of other compatible and emerging technologies like photonics engineering. The advancement of new and unique algorithms and optimizations has allowed for rapid technology merging, better computing and faster identifications. This book systematically examines various subject areas and it is important to integrated electronics. It should be an excellent desk reference for electronics engineers who interested in gaining an overview of this emerging field. In addition to structurally organizing the book from basic designs to advanced topics, each chapter and subject area is covered in the beginning with basic principles and fundamentals. Each chapter also gives an overview of the specific subject, and goes into details with selected examples, so that there is an in depth discussion with extensive references.

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