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Basic Electronic Component and Circuits

Siti Fatimah Siraj, Norhayati Soin, Wan Norliza Mahadi

ISBN 978-967-5415-59-3
204 halaman
RM 42.00

'Basic Electronic Components and Circuits' provide a concise, practical guidance to understand and relate concepts and principles of electronics to analyze and solve electronic circuits. It is presented in the form of brief notes on various topics and followed by worked examples. The book begins with a brief treatment of semiconductor physics for silicon devices to emphasis the concept of flow of free electrons and holes for understanding the behavior of semiconductor devices. The next two chapters cover the diode and its application in electronic circuits. This is followed by bipolar transistor, JFET and analysis of the low signal models of the devices while the last chapter gives a brief account of integrated circuits. Worked examples at the end of chapters demonstrate to students the methods of solving electronics circuit problems.