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Sustainable Occupational Safety and Health at the Workplace

Azuddin Bahari, Hanum Hassan, Ishak Jainoo

ISBN 978-967-5415-61-6
180 halaman
RM 48.00

Accidents often happen to the workers in the workplaces. Hence, the employer's must be concerned about safety and health management aspects of their employees. Occupational Safety and Health, like many other management activities consist of planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Employers can manage the occupational safety and health at the work place through the adopting the management functions. On the occupational safety and health agenda, this book have highlights some aspects that will help employers and employees at the workplace, to create a safe and healthy environment. This book will also assist the readers and those involved in the business sector to understand the relevant laws, identify hazards, assess risk and control risk in the workplace and implement the Occupational Safety and Health Management System. The book is also suitable as guidance to small business operators, students in institutions higher education and also those involved in occupational safety and health management.