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Issues of Human Development towards a Prosperous Life

Shuhairimi Abdullah & Nurul Syazwani Zulkifli

ISBN 978-967-5415-85-2

180 halaman

RM 42.00

6 inch x 9 inch

This book is planned based on the responsibility to enlighten readers about issues surrounding human development. These issues often resolved around the rapid changes in human development corresponding into todays’ reality and human needs. In order to bridge the gap, the writers have taken proactive measure to produce and compile a collection of academic articles and published this collection as a book to provide valuable input and insight about human development. The topics discussed focus on multiple disciplines such as humanities, psychology, community, IT and communication and also entrepreneurship. It is hoped that this publication will highlight important input to the society, policy makers and students  alike in efforts towards sustainable human development and enrichment of knowledge.