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International Seminar on University Management (ISUM) Wave of Globalization Era


The world's wave in management aspects is not foreign in the eyes of the world. Leadership skills in managing a country globally are emphasized by focusing on management aspects, especially to highlight individual talent for talent and self-reliance without waiving the technological developments and needs of the world

Knowledge is shared, shared experiences and highlighted talents are the main fields in achieving the desire and self-worth to get out of the cocoon and beyond the minds of the parcels. Obstacles and challenges must be taken with the mindset but capable of breaking the current technology and needs for the future.

In the University, the wave of globalization era also has an impact on the management of the University, especially in terms of human resources. New skills and knowledge through time-shifting and well-developed human resource development through the development of competency and continuous learning can enhance the potential of each individual, especially among University Administrators, especially at Public University Malaysia.

Hence, the organizing of the Globalization of Globalization Era's Global Management Seminar coincides with a management environment requiring transformation to be shared globally so that it becomes the best practice for all University administrators. In addition, it enhances the dignity and integrity of the world in the field of leadership and talent management among administrators.