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Sohiful Anuar Zainol Murad, Shaiful Nizam Mohyar, Azizi Harun

 ISBN  : 978-967-0922-33-1
 Halaman  : 278
 Saiz  : 6" x 9"
 Harga  : RM 54.00

This book is written to cover design and applications for electronic circuits and systems. The fundamental information, schematic designs and optimizations approaches as well as some engineering applications, which is the key feature that distinguishes it from other existing electronic books. It focuses extensively on theoretical aspects of various designs as well as testing; both state-of-the-art electronic integrated circuits and systems. The book also highlights the unique design issues and the contributions towards circumventing such issues that facilitate the reader’s understanding of active research fields of various electronic circuits and systems design. It is essential for readers intend on being familiarized with contemporary analogue and digital system issues and potential solutions offered by various researchers. This book also illustrates some real life and lab assisted applications from diverse electronic circuits and systems. It is a comprehensive reference and a well-founded material for students as well as electronics engineers and researchers in academia and industry working in the areas of circuits and systems design.

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