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Editors: Ina Suryani and Faharol Zubir

 ISBN  : 978-967-0922-58-4
 Halaman  : 207
 Saiz  : 6 inch x 9 inch
 Harga  : 49.00

‘Integrated Practices in Language Learning: Unity through Diversity’ is a publication that symbolizes the very essence of SILK - Symposium of International Languages and Knowledge (SILK) which was conceptualized out of the camaraderie that has developed between Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP), Rajamangala University of Technology Srivijaya (RMUTSV) and Walailak University (WU). It is an exploration of the complexities of language learning and its importance in a world where knowledge is paramount - all within the scope of a diverse culture and sub-cultures. The publication consists of nine chapters. It covers broad areas of academic investigation, from community voices on the use of a heritage language, to issues on the use of lexical items, mobility programmes, and testing. The diverse contexts documented in the publication bring home a key point - that in the diversity of concerns lies unity in resolve. The papers explore and offer solutions to issues, which are key to Malaysian and Thailand learning contexts. The publication is suitable for everyone, particularly the academic community interested in the nexus between language and knowledge.