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Mukhzeer Mohamad Shahimin, Noraini Othman

 ISBN  : 978-967-0922-24-9
 Halaman  : 186
 Saiz  : 6" x 9"
 Harga  : RM 49.00

This book presents the latest developments in different aspects of the photovoltaics system; from nanostructures, graphene, carbon nanotubes to enhancements of photovoltaics components, all serves to assist readers to grasp myriad advancements in current research. The progress towards high efficiency, low-cost photovoltaics is presented for the three generations of photovoltaic cells: the 1st generation based on crystalline silicon semiconductors; the 2nd generation based on thin film silicon, compound semiconductors, amorphous silicon, and various mesoscopic structures; and the 3rd generation based on the unique properties of nanoscale materials, new inorganic and organic photoconversion materials, highly efficient multi-junction cells with low-cost solar concentration, and novel photovoltaic processes. Apart from that, this book also includes behavioral and electrochemical analysis in thin films and hybrid compounds. Written by active researchers with international experiences, the book provides a comprehensive overview of the recent advancements in photovoltaics technology for both investigators and students that are interested in this field.