Professor Dr. Shamsul Baharin Jamaludin

ISBN 978-983-5415-50-0

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5.8 inch x 8.3 inch

For centuries, composite materials have been important for use in engineering applications.The existence of composites is due to human efforts to improve the properties of materials for specific uses. Composites can be defined as a combination of different types of materials to produce special properties. From the engineering perspective, metals and alloys already have good tensile strength, but their elastic modulus must be increased to meet the requirements of certain engineering applications, such as building aircraft, ships, automobiles, and electronic devices. There are several common methods that are used to increase the strength of metals and alloys, including alloying, heat treatment, and strain hardening. However, these methods do not produce significant improvements in the elastic modulus and wear resistance of these materials. Thus, metal-matrix composites (MMCs) have been developed by mixing metals or alloys with a ceramic material or some other material that has a high elastic modulus. 

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