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Professorial Lecture Series – Optical Code Division Multiple Access (OCDMA) Technology for the Future

Professor Dr. Syed Alwee Aljunid Syed Junid

ISBN 978-967-5415-73-9

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RM 18.00

5.8 inch x 8.3 inch (A5)

The explosive growth of bandwidth demand, together with advances in the latest communication services and emerging applications has inspired a huge interest in application of code division multiple access (CDMA) techniques in optical network. The major interference factor in optical CDMA (OCDMA) is to overcome the multiple access interference (MAI) noise which induces the occurrence of bit error rate.  Ideal code property with minimum cross-correlation will mitigate MAI, reduce phase induced intensity noise (PIIN) and expand code scalability.  Current research on OCDMA is devoted towards developing new OCDMA technologies that can suit the future generation of high transmission capacity optical network.